Robinson Lake Improvement Association

Robinson Lake is 137 acre lake with a maximum depth of 37 feet. It lays in central Newaygo County, between Fremont and White Cloud, Michigan in the area known as Jugville. The population around the lake is comprised of both full time and seasonal residents.

Robinson Lake Improvement Association is a non-profit organization comprised of residents of the community who share an interest in working toward the health and safety of the lake for the enjoyment of the present and future generations. Members must reside within a mile radius of the lake and joining is optional. Monthly meetings are held from April through November. Officers are elected at the annual meeting held in August.

As an all sports lake, in the summer we enjoy boating, swimming, fishing and various other water sports. In the winter there is ice fishing, skating and snowmobiling. Various fish species includes largemouth bass, blue gills, perch, pike, some walleye and dogfish.

During the summer months, from 7:30PM to 11:00AM those that surround the lake benefit from a “No High Speed Boating” regulation. The quiet on the lake is valued by both fishermen and residents alike. That is the time to relax and take pleasure in all the beauty that surrounds Robinson Lake.